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Framing life through the lenses of our cameras, Photogenically_Bold captures the beauty of daily living. Through our photographs and unique outlook, we document the candid moments of life that others pass by without even noticing.



Bold Visionary

Photogenically_Bold has a combined 24 years of shooting experience covering a wide range of subjects, locations, theme's, and lighting challenges to continue and expand our portfolio with new modern techniques and ideas. We have experience shooting everything from portraits/weddings/head shots, to sports, light photography at night, stills/food/products, and are always looking for, and challenging our selves to shoot something new and creative.



What we offer

Photogenically Bold is a well rounded fun and exciting team. We aim to create an amazing comfortable photography experience 


Exceeding Expectations

We know this is a very special day, and strive to catch all the very important moments during YOUR day. We continue to look ahead during the ceremony to anticipate upcoming moments, as well as incorporating creative ideas for special images to complete your Wedding portfolio to share with friends and family.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We love to tailor our portrait sessions to the individual(s), weather it is shooting in a controlled, studio environment, or taking it outdoors/on location and working our subjects into the surrounding environment to create special memories, and images.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Committed to Quality

Artistic Explorations are based on new ideas in capturing light. This includes nighttime shots with sparklers, sparks, light-sticks, and any other light source, as well as strobes, flashes, etc. in indoor controlled settings.

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Committed to Quality

We continue to evolve by working on Themed shoots as we can, weather it comes out of our ideas, comes from our subjects/models minds, or a collaboration of the two to create special images to encapsulate and capture an idea.


Exceeding Expectations

Capturing your family portraits in a relaxed, fun environment is our top priority. Whether you are looking for "traditional" images, or like venturing into creating something a little different and creative, we can collaborate and create some images that will enlighten and entertain your family for years to come.

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Taking to the Street

Becoming a professional in the photography field was not a quick or easy journey for Photogenically_Bold. They first began exploring life through a lens in 2000 and by patiently developing their skills, they have built up an impressive reputation as  go-to Street Photographer in the Dallas area.


They use their photographs to showcase the side of life that people don’t always pay attention to. While their photographs may lack some of the glamor of other types of photography, they have the skills and understanding necessary to take the perfect shot.



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